Over the nexr few weeks at Ellon Parish Church we'll be looking at a letter that a man called James wrote to a group of Jewish Christians. James challenges them to live out thier faith in some practical ways. So, we at Ellon Parish Church want to challenge and encourage people to live out their faith in real ways. To show faith in real ways, to 'walk the talk' 
We'd like to be able to encourage and celebrate the things that folks are doing for other people through their faith by recording them. They might be random acts of kindness, cards of encouragement, general conversation that has helped or many other things that show faith in a practical way.

Therefore, if you've done something for someone because of your faith then please fill in the contact form below. 

Also, if someone has done somehting for you that was kind or generous or loving then we'd love to know, so please fill in the form below. 
You can  read James' letter in the Bible. Just go to and look up James. The NIV or The Message translations are good places to start. 

You can come along to Ellon Parish Church at 10am on a Sunday morning. You'll get a warm welcome and tea, coffee and butteries afterwards. 


"We have been overwhelmed with the love and support felt and received over the last few weeks from our "family" of Ellon Parish Church. God's love in action. Thank you."

"Lately I have felt challenged to continue a friendship due to an unfortunate misunderstanding which has lead to feelings of conflict. Until last Sunday I had been distancing myself from my friend as I don't know how to resolve the situation without more hurt being caused on both sides. This week I have held out a hand of friendship again and sought a way forward. I don't know how things are going to go and whether the friendship can go back to what it was. However I feel I need to forgive, and forget and try again."

"Sent a card to reach out and share the Good news of God's love and blessing with a colleague who is facing tough times with health and family."

"I'd like to pay tribute to the staff in wards 101 and 111 at ARI. During a recent stay there for tests all the staff were amazing. They were helpful, kept me informed re test results, kind and compassionate and helped make my stay there as comfortable as possible. At a time when we only seem to hear negatives about our health service I can only have positive things to say about my stay. They certainly walked the talk."

"Helped distribute/collect Marie Curie collection/daffodil boxes around area, helped in Coffee shop, donated to two favourite charities, wrote a letter to my sponsored child in Kenya"

"I helped [Dennis] find where his torch app was on his phone and helped [Iris] with taking cups etc down from the upper room when she was short staffed"

"Someone brought round a home made dinner and pancakes randomly for us this week, it was to save us having to cook for one night! Many thanks"

"I paid for someone’s bill in the coffee shop."
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