Who is it for?
If you have questions about Christianity, are a new believer or just want to explore the meaning of life, Alpha is for you! We would like to invite you to join an Alpha course with us.

What is it?
Each of the 10 weekly sessions begins at 6:30 pm with a meal – a chance to get to know others on the course. There is then a talk, live or on DVD, looking at different aspects of the Christian faith – including, for example: ‘Who is Jesus?’ and ‘Why and how do we pray?’

Opportunity for discussion in small groups follows, where everyone is welcome to contribute their opinion or ask questions or just sit and listen. No-one is obliged to speak!

The emphasis is on exploration and discovery in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

When does it take place?
We have now finished our 2018 course, look out for 2019 course in January next year!  We've run a few evening ones so 2019 is likely to see a change to taking place on a Sunday afternoon.

How much does it cost?
Alpha is completely free of charge!

Need more information?
If you need any more information or would like to come along speak to Alastair Bruce (Parish Minister) 01358 723787 or [email protected] or Nicola Bruce (Parish Worker, Mission Development) 07711223100 or [email protected] 

Further info can be found at also.