Ellon is situated on the River Ythan on the A90, 16 miles north of Aberdeen and 18 miles south of Peterhead. Originally a small market town, Ellon has expanded rapidly since the 1970s with the discovery of oil and continues to experience pressure of growth.
With a population of approximately 14,000, Ellon has a thriving local community and is popular with commuters wishing to work in Aberdeen but live outwith the city.
The Parish Church is located close to the centre of Ellon, opposite the War Memorial and tucked in behind private housing. Across the road is the Kirk Centre which incorporates the Church Halls, Coffee Shop and Church Office.
Ellon Parish Church was rebuilt in 1777. It underwent a major refurbishment in 2009 and it now has chairs instead of pews, which allow for varied layouts for worship. Services are at 10am every week. 
Slains Church on the outskirts of the small former fishing village of Collieston was united with the nearby Parish of Ellon in 1972. Collieston lies just north of the Sands of Forvie Nature Reserve and has a school and a Community Hall.
Slains Church was built in the 1800s and services are held on the first and third Sundays of the month at 11.15am. At the moment the building is temporarily closed, pending essential repairs.    
Rev Alastair JS Bruce  |  Parish Minister
t. 01358 723787
e. [email protected]
Days off  |  Monday and Saturday
Peter Cross  |  Parish Worker (Ministries)
t. 01358 725690
e. [email protected]rchofscotland.org.uk
Days off  | Monday and Saturday
Pamela (Pam) Adam  |  Parish Assistant (part-time)
                                                          Children and Families
t. 01358 725690
e. [email protected]
Days off  |  Monday and Saturday
Nicola Bruce  |  Parish Assistant (part-time)
​                                        Mission Development
t. 07711 223100
e. [email protected]
Days off  |  Monday, Tuesday, Saturday
Alison Young  |  Director of Music
t. 01358 721196
e. [email protected]
Days off  |  Various
Edith Walker  |  Administrator
t. 01358 725690
e. [email protected]
Hours  |  9:00am - 12noon & 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Days off  |  Saturday and Sunday
Mary Stevenson  |  Church Officer
t. 01358 721470
Days off  |  Various
Frank Paterson  |  Hall Keeper
Colin Burgess |  Assistant Hall Keeper