Video of Love Activity Days February 2017

Useful info:
Who is it for?  Children P1-P7
Where does it happen?  Ellon Parish Church.  
When does it happen?  Next Activity Day Monday 5th June.  Time 10:30am - 3pm.  On one day events families can join in from 2pm with a cuppa.  On two day events family time will be at 2pm on the second day.
​Summer Activity Week 2017:  Mon 3rd-Fri 7th July |10-12.30am each morning.  The theme will be Guardians of Ancora where we will use our imaginations to become Guardians of the ancient arifact of the City of Ancora, our mission to unearth a new artifact each day and discover the story they point toThis will be a fast paced, fun adventure week, basically an activity day squeezed into a morning x5!  Plans are afoot for a couple of games afternoons and a few other exciting activities that week so keep an eye out for more news soon!  
Why? Because we believe that our children are a gift from God and an important part of our lives. We're also excited to share a little of our faith with the young people who come along, and teach them some of the stories from the Bible and some crazy games and songs! 

Who runs it?​ ​They follow a theme from the Bible, often determined by the time of year. They are generally run by the MIssion Core Group in conjunction with Nicola (Parish Assistant), Alastair (Parish Minister) and the Ministry Team. These are supported by a team of willing helpers from the church who have all been PVG checked, or are supervised at all times by someone who has.
Need more info?  Contact Edith in the Kirk Centre on 01358 725690 or Nicola on

Booking Form for 2017 Activity Days

Please fill in the form below to book a space for the February In Service Activity Days. Once your space has been booked, you'll be sent a permisions form as confirmation of your child's space. Please fill in and sign the permissions form and either bring it with you on the day, hand it in or post it to the Kirk Centre at the address below. 
Child's Name
Date of Birth
Address & Postcode
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Phone Number
School Year (P1,P2 etc)
Allergies, dietary requirements or medical conditions?
Which dates (Mon 5th June / 3-7 July / All)

Activity Days Juke Box:

The songs are always catchy at activity days!  Here's a selection of them on youtube if you want to have a karaoke session!

Video of Novembrrrr Nov 2016

Superb Summer June 2016

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