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Ellon Parish Church of Scotland is the parish church for the beautiful town of Ellon and its surrounding countryside. Our vision is in response to the love of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) we seek to be a people of meaningful faith, meaningful community and meaningful witness (Matthew 22:34-40). Our congregation is made up of all ages, and together we explore life and faith and how these two interact and impact on our everyday living. 

Join Us For Worship

Upcoming Services

VACANCY: Associate Minister

Family Worship  |  Ellon Parish Church
10am  |  Every Sunday  |  Creche
Sunday School  |  Refreshments

Connect  |  Ellon Parish Church
7pm  |  1st & 3rd Sunday  |  Contemporary Worship  |  Teaching
Discussion  |  Refreshments

Family Worship  |  Slains Kirk 
11:15am  |  1st & 3rd Sunday
Refreshments before
Collieston Community Centre

Friday Morning Prayer
Ellon Parish Church
7:15am - 8am  |  every fortnight
Worship, Liturgy, Prayer
​Tea & Coffee. 

Please click on the links below for a job description and parish information for the current vacancy for the post of Associate Minister.  To apply go to http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/about_us/vacancies_and_volunteering/ministries_council_vacancies
Devoted: Proskartereo
Sunday 14th Jan  |  10am  |   Ellon Parish Church

Devoted to Fellowship
Sunday 21st Jan  |  10am  |   Ellon Parish Church
11:15am  |  Slains Kirk (Collieston Community Centre)

Job Description
Parish Info
Connect  |  The Bible Project (Luke 3-9)
Sunday 21st  Jan  |  7pm  |   Ellon Parish Church

The Bridge Magazine  
Nov / Dec 2017 Jan 2018  Edition 

Devoted to Hospitality
Sunday 28th  Jan  |  10am  |   Ellon Parish Church

Devoted to Prayer
Sunday 4th Feb  |  10am  |   Ellon Parish Church
11:15am  |  Slains Kirk (Collieston Community Centre)

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Connect  |  The Bible Project (Luke 9-19)
Sunday 4th Feb  |  7pm  |   Ellon Parish Church

On The Square
Ellon Parish Church Coffee Shop

Upcoming  Events

Opening Times
Tuesday - Saturday |  10am - 4pm
Sunday & Monday  |  Closed
​​t: 01358 723517
ALPHA COURSE  |  Is There More To Life
Than This? 
Wednesday 17th Jan  |  6:30pm  |   The Manse

Nearly New Sale
Ellon Parish Church Nearly New Sale

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Opening Times
2nd and 4th Saturday of the month
10am - 12noon
Slains Hall  |  Ellon Parish Church Kirk Centre